Conni maintains an ongoing commitment to produce environmentally sustainable products that are functional and cost effective for incontinence, kids bed wetting and toilet training.

Conni products are manufactured in our purpose built vertically integrated production unit minimising unnecessary transport and packaging.

Our products are recommended by clinicians and healthcare practitioners across Australia and New Zealand and have been evaluated and selected for numerous government health care contracts. This is testament to our quality and innovation.

Our range is developed in response to consumer demand and we are proud that our manufacturing processes are free of PVC, latex and formaldehyde. We support a ‘no plastic packaging’ policy therefore all Conni products are supplied in environmentally friendly packaging.

What is PVC and why is it dangerous?

PVC (polyvinyl chloride), commonly referred to as vinyl, is a highly hazardous product. It can be harmful to human health and the environment throughout its life cycle – at the factory, at home and in the waste system. It is commonly used in baby shampoo bottles, packaging, shower curtains, bed pads, incontinence underwear, mattress protectors and thousands of other ‘everyday’ products.

Dumping of PVC in landfills poses long-term risks of toxic additives leaching into groundwater, dioxin-forming landfill fires and toxic landfill gases.

Throughout the UK , USA and Europe, health care facilities have started to ‘phase out’ the use of PVC products.

We are proud to offer Conni products free of PVC.

What cost disposable?

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