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The original Pick-Pocket™ & still the best. Beware of imitations.

Pick-Pocket pouch was designed in consultation with nurses to conveniently carry tools of the trade: pens, scissors, iv tape, disposable gloves, keys, cards, handover notes, money, cell phone, pager, etc. All essential items are close at hand when required, and the pick-pocket pouch is designed to allow easy access with just one hand.

Lightweight yet durable, the pick-pocket pouch is extremely comfortable, can be machine washed, fits up to a 132cm waist.

The Pick-Pocket is also great for warehousing (pick and packing) staff. Use it as your mobile desk.

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Louise.S 25/08/2019

I’m only just replacing my pouch after 13 years use nursing. Great product, wouldn’t use any other brand.

Toni 01/02/2018

Love this pouch. I work in a vet hospital and this little pouch has pockets for everything from bandage scissors, suture scissors, flashlight, notepad, pens, calculator, and my phone all secure in one place. Strong and comfortable to wear!

M.Smith 01/11/2017

I’ve had my current one for over ten years and only just needs replacing. Great product

Amazon Customer 26/08/2017

It’s perfect for carrying my phone at work as well as pens and a few other essentials. Has a zipper part to put a bit of cash so it’s not floating around in my pockets during work. I’ve been using it for years and love it. Had to replace one a few years ago after it gave a long hard service to it’s owner. The only weakness is the seam along the main pocket gives a bit and I needed to add a couple of stitches. I ask a lot of it though. Certainly the best I’ve found for what I’m looking for. Not too bulky. I wear it so my shirt generally covers up the words Pick Pocket and it is reasonably attractive. I have a lot of people ask me were I got it. So glad there is a distributer in the US.