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Kids containment swim shorts for incontinence

Our kids containment swim shorts for incontinence are reusable and are designed to contain bladder and bowel matter.

Our technology provides kids with a safe, secure and confident aquatic experience when those unexpected accidents occur, delaying void-causing germs from leaking into the water.

Flexible and comfortable with a built-in brief, Conni Swim Shorts feature an adjustable drawstring with toggle at the waist and legs for a secure fit. 

Keeping germs out of the water is key to keeping everyone healthy and helps keep the places we swim open all year round. Conni swim shorts can be reused countless times. A cost-effective and environmentally sustainable alternative to disposable products.

CONNI Containment Swim Shorts are specifically designed to stop fecal matter from entering the water.  The fabric used is impermeable, meaning that nothing will pass through it. It behaves similarly to a wetsuit that divers use except it is a lot softer, thinner and has more stretch. For further protection, there are built-in vacuum seals around the inside leg openings designed using a unique strip of fabric which gently attaches to the skin when wet. There are toggles at the waist and legs to adjust the fit. The shorts should be worn with the waist and legs pulled tight but comfortable.

CONNI Containment Swim Shorts will also stop urine from immediately entering the water. If there is a lot of movement urine will eventually escape through the top of the waist, however, urine doesn’t pose the same risks as feces.

There is an inbuilt brief designed to capture any solids (feces) but in all instances, it is recommended for the wearer to remove themselves from the water immediately after any bodily event described. It is advised to seek a toilet or shower to remove the swim short and wash the garment down before re-entering the water. The garment can be re-worn when it is wet.

Disposable pads are not recommended to be worn with swim shorts.

Nadia Brown 23/06/2021 The best swim pants . My 3 1/2 year old grandson wears them every week to swimming lessons. They have faded in color but that is to be expected in chlorine pool. Had to send first pair back, too small ordered 2/4 but got next size up. Will order another pair but next size up again. Joey 16/01/2019 They are the best!!! We love them. We get so many compliments too! Lucy 15/05/2018 It works and they look amazing; my son did not "look" like he was delayed in any way. He surfed with international autism entities special needs and medically complex organizations. He was in a news paper; and now on surfers healing main website. I believe it made swimming/learning to surf easier! FranE 05/11/2017 My 2.5 year old daughter was very excited to wear her new swim pants with “knickers” to swimming lessons. She said, “ooh I like them mommy, they are very comfortable”. The ability to tighten around the waist and legs is fantastic as she is tiny, only 10kg and all bathers just fall off her. In the water she was very happy in them, the only thing was that her legs kept floating to the top and she had to work very hard to keep running her legs so that they stayed down. They were very easy to wash and they dried very quickly too. She didn’t have any accidents (that we know of) but from the design you can certainly have confidence that if any accident did occur it would be contained. Amazon Customer 25/02/2017 We are using these trunks for my daughter to swim at the YMCA. She is enjoying them.