Top Tips for Potty Training Your Child

Potty training is one of the most challenging things that your child has had to learn so far in their life. However, the end result is totally worth the effort – helping your toddler transition from diapers to using the toilet is going to change their life, and yours!

But we get it – it can be difficult knowing where to start. What’s the best kind of potty training underwear and supplies? How long does it usually take? Take a look at some of our top tips for helping your child find success with their potty training!

Stock Up on Potty Training Underwear

The first thing you’re going to want to do is stock up on the right kind of potty training underwear. We highly recommend getting some pairs of incontinence underwear for kids. They’re made with high quality materials, and are designed to handle accidents. They’re easy for your child to pull up and down on their own, and they’ll stay comfortable throughout the day.

Get Them Familiar with the Toilet

You’ll also want to prioritize helping them get familiar and comfortable with being around the toilet. While it may not seem this way to us, a toilet is a large, intimidating object to a child, and showing them that it is safe is a big part of potty training. 

Be an example – let them watch you use the toilet. Not only does this help them become familiar with it, but it’s also a good way to show them the mechanics of using the toilet. Lead by example and your little one will want to do what they see you doing.

Create a Reward System

You know what kids love? Stickers. And candy. And dollar store toys. 

A reward system is going to keep your child motivated while potty training. Let’s be real: there are going to be accidents. When this happens, you don’t want to respond with frustration or anger. Instead, assure them that it’s ok and that they can try again next time.

In contrast, when they do successfully go potty on their own, from pulling down their underwear to flushing the toilet, make it a big deal! We’re talking lots of cheers and high fives and hugs. Whatever you choose to implement for your reward system, keep it consistent. Let them put the sticker on the board, or choose the candy or toy from a bowl.

Be Patient

We’ve all heard the braggy parents that say they potty trained their kids in two and a half days. Even if that’s true, do they have to flaunt it? One of the biggest pieces of advice that we can give is to be patient, both with your child and with yourself. This is a major transition, and it’s going to take time.

Make sure you’re preparing your child for success. In addition to good underwear, get a reusable bed pad for potential nighttime accidents. Continue to cheer and high five and hug when they’re successful. It will happen and it will be worth it!