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Bedwetting is very common and occurs in both adults and children. Here we discuss both adult bedwetting and bedwetting in children. With respect to children, potty training and bed wetting are very different and easy to be confused. For information about potty training, please see the potty training page.

Adult Bed Wetting

Adult bed wetting (nocturnal enuresis) is when an adult releases their bladder during sleep without realizing. Nocturia is when you wake to go to the rest room during the night, and is different to bedwetting.

Studies show that at least 2% of adults experience nocturnal enuresis and those who wet the bed at the age of 18 are likely to continue to do so. Many adults and children who wet the bed can be embarrassed or ashamed but are able to successfully manage the condition with the correct products.

There are two main types of bedwetting:

  • Primary enuresis is when a child or adult has not consistently been dry at night;
  • Secondary enuresis is when a child or adult starts to wet the bed after a period of dryness.

Bed wetting can be related to an event which has caused trauma or stress, diabetes, a urological disorder or a bladder that signals to the brain that it is full before it actually is.

In order to manage bed wetting at home, the best option is to use a Conni mattress protector in conjunction with Conni Bed Wetting Pads.
All Conni mattress protectors are fully waterproof including protection down the sides of the mattress. Conni bed pads are highly absorbent (up to 84 fl ozs), waterproof, breathable and very comfortable.

The technology used in Conni products is highly sophisticated alongside our Oeko-Tex accreditation Conni Bed Pads ensure a comfortable stress-free sleep. Please click here for further information about the technology used in Conni bed pads.

Conni Products

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Kids Bed Wetting  

Bedwetting is also known as nocturnal enuresis and occurs when a sleeping child cannot retain urine at night, becoming ‘water tight’ at night time is a normal part of a child’s development. Nocturnal enuresis is not related to being dry during the day as a child may wet the bed for a long time after being potty trained.

Bedwetting in children tends to be inherited:

  • 15% of kids whose parents did not wet the bed will do so.
  • 45% of kids with one parent who wet the bed will be a bed wetter.
  • if both parents wet the bed, 75% of their children will be bed wetters.

Bedwetting is twice as common in boys as girls and is more prevalent in children with ADHD.
Compared to those who have achieved dry nights, bed wetters will tend to experience one or more of the following:

  • Have a smaller bladder capacity.
  • Sleep deeply so they do not wake when their bladder is full and therefore wake with a wet bed in the morning.
  • Produce more urine at night; some children don’t produce enough of a hormone called anti-diuretic hormone to slow down night time urine production.
  • Experience stress, which may result in bed wetting.
  • Have a urinary tract infection.
  • Have sleep apnea, where a child’s breathing is interrupted during sleep.
  • Experience constipation.
  • Have a structural problem in the nervous system or urinary tract (please note this is very rare).

bedwetting can be hard on children

Kids who are bed wetters can have decreased self-esteem and therefore it is important to maintain a positive and encouraging attitude, continue to treat the child with kindness and patience.
It is important for caregivers and parents to remember that children rarely wet the bed deliberately and can feel ashamed and embarrassed about the incident.

In most cases, bedwetting resolves itself without any medical intervention. Bedwetting is not a problem to your child other than its impact on self-esteem but if the child is wetting the bed after the age of 6 or 7, starts to have a wet bed after a period of being dry at night, or bed wetting occurs with painful bladder, excessive thirst, pink urine or snoring, see a health care professional.

In order to manage bed wetting at home, the best option is to use a Conni mattress protector along with a Conni Kids Bed Pad. This allows for easy cleanup in the morning ensuring a minimal amount of attention to the wet bed. If the child and adult are woken at night, Conni products provide a very quick and easy solution. Maintaining a calm, secure and patient environment where the child is encouraged and able to express their feelings can help bed wetting become a thing of the past.

The technology used in Conni products is highly sophisticated alongside our Oeko-Tex accreditation Conni Bed Pads ensure a comfortable stress-free sleep. Please click here for further information about the technology used in Conni bed wetting pads for kids.

Incontinence Home Solutions

Incontinence can affect every area in your home including your beds, chairs and floors. Conni has products which can protect your bed, floor, and chairs including:

  • Bed pad – highly absorbent and waterproof bed protection for absorbing all fluids.
  • Bed protection –waterproof mattress and pillow protector.
  • Fitted sheet and pillow cover – waterproof, slightly absorbent fitted sheet, perfect to use without a bottom sheet.
  • Chair mat – protect your seats with the highly absorbent and waterproof chair pads.
  • Floor mat – non-slip containment mat for leakage when arising from bed or chairs.
  • Linen protection – specific area protection for a top sheet, use for bladder leakage, protecting linen from plaster and other materials.

Bed wetting Bed Pad

Bed pads are highly absorbent, breathable and waterproof mats that lay on the top of the bottom sheet. Available in two sizes; 39” x 39” with tuck-ins, and 37” x 33” which can be used on any size bed, Conni has your bed protection needs covered.

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Toggles Bed protection

Nearly everyone uses a waterproof mattress protector to protect their bed. Although many mattress protectors available on the market do not extend down the sides of the bed hence not protecting the entire mattress. The Toggles range of waterproof mattress protectors reach right down the sides of the mattress ensuring complete protection. Conni waterproof mattress protectors provide peace of mind in that an incontinence event occurs while near the edge of your bed, the sides are fully protected.

These products not only protect your bed, they have been specifically designed to allow a great night’s sleep. The toggles at the corners of the mattress protector allow for very easy fitting on the bed – simply put the toggles mattress protector on the bed and tighten at the corners for a close comfortable fit. A pillow protector is also available providing protection from all fluids. This pillow protector has an envelope opening for extra convenience. 

Fitted sheet and fitted pillow cover

Plush fitted sheet and pillow cover are Conni’s newest innovation in bed linen. With stretch in every direction a secure fit is assured. Plush is waterproof, absorbent and has a soft comfortable top. Your mattress is protected all the way down the sides while the soft fabric provides all-night comfort. Protection down the sides of the mattress ensures that in case an incontinence event occurs while near the edge of your bed the sides are fully protected.

These products not only protect your bed but they have also been specifically designed to allow a quiet night’s sleep. Micro-Plush has a fitted pillow cover to protect your pillow. A zip-closure at one end and air vent at the other ensures ballooning is a thing of the past.

Chair mat

Chairs and seating throughout the house and car are able to be protected from soiling if bladder loss occurs while seated. The absorbent and waterproof incontinence chair pads are excellent for covering and protecting any seats. Use them on dining chairs, lounge or recliners and in the car.

Floor Mat

Partner mattress protectors with the floor mat in the bedroom, with a specifically designed non-slip flat floor mat which contains fluid quickly and minimizes splash. The floor mat prevents slipping by containing fluid while protecting carpets and other flooring. The Conni Floor Mat is also able to be used in the kitchen near the sink, in the bathroom, at the doors to the house and anywhere else fluid may reach the floor and potentially be a hazard. 

Draw Mac linen protection

Draw Mac is non-absorbent specific area linen protection. Use on a cot as a mattress protector, when someone has plaster to prevent it sticking to linen, or as a top sheet protector for linen. With useful side tuck-ins the applications for the Draw Mac are endless.

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